1. play the dead body they find at the start of an episode of SVU
  2. have a pegboard for a bunch of tools and all the tools have those paint outlines around them so you know where they go every time
  3. be the prop person who fashions the Tribal Sharpie for Survivor tribal council
  4. win a go kart race by a huge margin
  5. do one of those tripod headstands and then act like its the easist most casual thing
  6. use a caulking gun
  7. speak conversational french
    dirty slangy jokey conversational french. like where they say "way" for oui and stuff
  8. choose what goes in the baskets for Chopped
  9. try a digiridoo
  10. visit mount rushmore and do one of those pix where i'm squishing george washington's head
  11. be dressed in full geisha regalia espesh those wooden flip flops and the makeup
    hope thats not racist i just really want to wear kimono