the things that always make me laugh. what am i forgetting?
  1. the theme song starts
  2. Robyn talks about taking ayahuasca. and shamans.
  3. Hanzi giggles
  4. Robyn starts the news and Howard drowns her out with that guatemalan funeral parade theme song
  5. Howard imitates his mom
  6. they play the prank call that involves using clips of Howard complaining about getting the wrong dinner order (i took that pasta and you know what i did, i threw it right in the garbage)
  7. anything happens involving Richard's guinea pig (most recently made oscar predictions)
  8. they play Richard Simmons calling for Gary
  9. Howard and Robyn have zero knowledge of specific areas of pop culture (recent blanks for them: Shazam (the app), Broad City, The Lego Movie song)
  10. they use Perez Hilton soundbites of CARAYYZZEEEE and BEEENNJEEEEE
  11. they play Imran Khan Lives With His Dad And Mom
  12. Howard talks about painting
  13. Howard talks about the rescue cat shelter that his house has become
  14. Howard takes liberties with celebrity name pronunciations (Sarah Michelle Guh-lar, Angelina Zjolay)