what are you guys doing this weekend? here are my hopeful plans
  1. Start a new book. Downloading the only Janet Malcom I haven't read but I want other rec???
    feeling non-fic right now, true crime a bonus. @zoe and @lenadunham you've always steered me in the right reading direction lemme know if you have a gem my brain needs to absorb ( @lesleyarfin i know youre looking for something good too)
  2. Exalt in Being Well
    I have been sick, like: hacking cough- tissue commercial lady with red nose and crumpled snot rags everywhere - misery table for one, for a week and had to be at work with it every day. Today i feel BETTER! and ALERT! and I wanna celebrate that 😀
  3. Catch up on some Fine Ass TV
    burning up my dvr right now: GOT, Silicon Valley, Million Dollar Listing NY ( @bjnovak add that to the list of Terrible TV That Is Really Enjoyable), Survivor and Greys Anatomy
  4. Make some cash monay from my KONDO-FIED life
    Editing my closets to DEATH and so I'm selling a fuckload of stuff to Mercy Vintage in Oakland (all my marni and miu miu heels that are basically bullshit out here in SF) and the regular shit to Crossroads. Last time I got a G and that was nice.
  5. Cook a motherfucking delicous pork butt
    I have a favey recipe modified from a Bon Appétit one from like, the first issue i did there 4 years ago. @preston requested it for Sunday and Monday it will be tacos for dinner with @aminatou and @gabimoskowitz
  6. Hang on Monchichi-style to my man for a while
    between The Sickness (see #2), Ship week (magazine going to press) and TAX TIME ( @preston does tax shit, did you not know), my husband and i have been like ships passing in the night. i'm over it!
  7. Take a Meeting
    have some potentially fun / exciting freelance work coming up and I am gonna take it on with a partner and we wanna meet to make a gameplan. I am psyched about this
  8. Do Laundry
    Ew. The pile is as tall as me and the underwear selection in my drawer is down to the dregs. I cant send my laundry out I cant. But fuck i hate doing it.