i closed my eyes and scrolled and stopped 5 random times (pretty much)...ALL FOR YOU
  1. i was a judge at the SPD awards 2 weeks ago in NYC (society of publication design, basically mag design awards) and a few of us were hanging out during lunch. this is Wyatt, the CD at the New Yorker, and he is the best dresser of all time. i have never seen him "casual" before. so i documented it
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  2. i bought this album at a yard sale a few weeks ago bc i love the cover
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  3. my sister makes the most fucking amazing paintings of all time of her favorite characters in movies. this is the almost-blind old lady from my cousin vinny
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  4. i wanna be as happy as my dog is ever about anything and nothing at all. related: my dog is the best
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  5. iceland is the best place i've ever been in my entire fucking life. thats a glacier lagoon that you can just walk into if you are so inclined. i licked a tiny shard because i could
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