basically the culmination of a lifetime of research. methods, brands and shades (substitute for your skintone, i am a yellow-based pale motherfucker)
  1. I: lip balm
    nothing too shiny or goopy or superslick. i love Babylips and Glossier balm dot com (oy that name). apply, then blot (i kiss my wrist. tmi?)
  2. II : lipliner
    i outline my whole lip, and use the pencil to fill in a little bit of the corners. favorites for a true red mouf : GIVENCHY, MAC CHERRY, NARS JUNGLE RED, BOBBI BROWN RED
  3. III : matte lipstick
    i am only interested in the flattest mattest of shit. i don't want cream or shine or (shudder) GLOSS. the best matte tube i have found is MELT cosmetics (online only i think) in BELLADONNA 2. disclaimer: this shit will stain your lips, and maybe even your tongue. LIFE ON THE EDGE, BITCHES. also rans: NARS VELVET MATTE PENCIL in DRAGON GIRL and KAT VON D UNDERAGE RED (yipes THAT name)
  4. IV : matte liquid lip
    this layer was a revelation. adding this cream matte layer makes this situation basically permanent. coffee, yogurt, salad, a sammie. like anything can happen and you will still have a decent red lip. i am obsessed with KAT VON D UNDERAGE RED but STILA makes a good version too (i forget the name but its the only RED of the liquid lipstick)