In which my mother needs to find the man who painted a room for her 6 years ago to have him paint a bathroom, the foyer, and "one part of the lanai"
  1. Pat the painter came into my parents' lives years ago when he was eating at a place called Chix R Us in full painter regalia. "Are you a painter?" asked my mom's friend. He was.
  2. Pat was was universally loved by my parents and her friends and was hired for many jobs
  3. Recently Pat's services were needed but alas, both his Home and Phone numbers were out of date
  4. No one had new numbers for Pat or could remember his last name
  5. My mom called the large apartment complex where she thought he also worked, but just asking for "Pat" was too vague for them
  6. Dinner with other friends, who also had used Pat's services in the past, yielded a clue: HIS LAST NAME! CAMPBELL.
  7. Called the apt complex again, armed with a full name. Still no info on Pat.
  8. Yet another friend said, "Why don't you use The Google? That's how you find everyone these days!"
  9. Great idea. She Googled Pat on "the big computer" (read: desktop, not an ipad)
  10. Results: 4 Pat Campbells in the area
  11. Only one was listed with an age range (?) that was plausible. But there was only an address, no number.
  12. So my mom wrote him a letter.
  13. A LETTER.
  14. "If this is Pat the Painter who remembers John and Susan in West Palm Beach, please give me a call" (she hastened to add: no return address, OF COURSE!)
  15. Pat called!
  16. Pat Campbell neé The Painter came to the house, walked thru what needed to be done, and delivered an estimate
  17. My dad scoffed at the price and just did all the painting himself.
  18. THE END