in no way a definitive list but all these songs just really get me feeling things (not to be confused with songs that make me CRY)
  1. Serenade / Steve Miller Band
    a goddamn masterpiece. A trippy happy sexy masterpiece
  2. In The Meantime / Spacehog
    sunny day, fast car , windows down, top volume: I EFY YOU NOT TO LOVE LIFE
  3. Chandelier / Sia
    i lose my shit over this one. i fear for anyone that pulls up next to me at a red light
  4. In the Flowers / Animal Collective
    very very good for headphones and walking around manhattan, especially in snow. in fact the whole album is good for that. dont question, just experience
  5. Go Your Own Way / Fleetwood Mac
    Ugh the best
  6. Out of the Blue / Julian Casablancas
    maybe the best love song ever?
  7. Wherever I Roam / Metallica
    they use both NOMAD and VAGABOND in the lyrics. hot stuff
  8. Sister Havana Urge Overkill
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin