we are watching right now. sorry, we're slow we had to finish house of cards first!
  1. Any and all evidence and confessions aside, that frantic blink and full-black iris eyes of a demon are enough for Bobby Durst to make me want to hide under the table
  2. Wait this psycho's family owns 4 TIMES SQUARE?!
    my years of working at Condé inadvertently paid for this fuckstick's defense funds?!!!!!
  3. Is Jeanine Pirro wearing a leather dress
    i hope so. related: where do you find a salmon pink leather dress
  4. How fucking fun was it to do the wardrobe / sets for the flashback scenes in this
    vintage dream land
  5. Susan Berman's look is 💯
  6. Durst's aliases were really off the wall
  7. collect calls as passive-aggression toward your dad, relax poor little rich boy
  8. pirro wearing 2 pieces. skirt is def leather tho
  9. Some of these reenactments are really fucking good
    that scene with dog w bloody footprints...
    ok there is only 1 list by him so far. but i bet he did/does?