We have 5 months to prepare for our tiny new roommate. I canceled my baby shower because it has to be in NYC and I am done with traveling while impregnated so we are buying all this shit ourselves. Crib, bassinette, bouncy chair thing, stroller/car seat....? What is the best and must have and not ugly and also affordable? PLEASE HELP.
  1. All I have purchased so far is: 3 pairs of teensers Osh Kosh B'gosh overalls and the Fisher Price record player from the '70s that plays real records
  2. For the record I am not against your gorgeous $2k stroller. I just can't swing that living in this fucking rent suckhole of a bullshit city so....¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Not much. Really. Stroller (a stroller is a stroller), crib, diapers, a car seat, a baby chair, a blanket. Aside from foodstuffs, that's what the baby will need 90% of the time. Everything else is ancillary. I like the sound machine, pacifiers, wet naps, and baby monitor but it's extra.
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  4. Infant size sleeping clothes with zippers. You don't want to be screwing around with snaps or, god forbid, buttons at 3 am on 2 hours sleep
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  5. Gerber starter kits with onesies, socks and cloth diapers (for burp cloths) are very helpful. Get a good stroller. It's worth it. No need for 3k but a crap stroller won't last in the city.
    Suggested by @donnie
  6. Exercise Ball - This is currently the only thing that calms my baby (other than nursing). I sit on this with her and bounce and she literally instantly stops crying. I thought people were exaggerating its powers but they were 100% correct.
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  7. I third the ball and the Halo sleep sack. We got the car seat that just snaps in a car or the stroller so you don't have to unbuckle the babe (Chicco keyfit 30) and the accompanying caddy. $300 all in, good until he's 30 pounds, easy to fold, lots of storage and can handle picnic in the presidio on a crowded Sunday.
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  8. And for you, take everything the hospital has for you and ask for more. Pretend it's housekeeping at a nice hotel. Happy to talk more if you want!
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