i don't actually miss new york on the whole, at least not yet. i was born there and spent my whole life in it or near it so i was ready to leave but these things still make me pine ❤️
  1. Bodegas / Bodega culture
    the ballet of new yorkers on their way to work. pour your own coffee and iced coffee. bacon egg n cheese on a roll. egg whites and cheese salt and pepper hot sauce in a wrap. late night sandwiches with shredded lettuce. we left our housekeys at our old bodegs for friends/cleaning lady. they loved my dog. when i go in now they say they miss us and ask about California.
  2. A far-reaching 24hr public transit system
    duh. see my earlier list on the frustrations of SF transit.
  3. The lack of thought i have to put in to get almost anywhere (barring some Brooklyn)
    I already know. It's ingrained. I know if we can walk or what train to take or should we take the bus or fuck it just take a cab. I don't know how to get ANYWHERE here. still. what if that never changes?
  4. Old friends
    i mean, duh. And i HAVE friends here, finally. but someome you met 6 months ago < friends who knew you through multiple haircuts / boyfriends / jobs /moods. but most of my bff's have moved to LA so that number is shrinking anyways
  5. The city-wide high the first warm day of the year
    lets be clear: the WEATHER is not something i miss in the least bc winter OR summer, it sucks ass. sorry. but that ONE GLORIOUS DAY where its like bare legs and a full lawn at bryant park at lunch and everyone is smiling and drinking iced coffee and walking home..that is pretty fucking great
  6. from 169 Bar all the way up to Columbia, i have a memory attached to every street and corner
    i noticed this the last time i visited. parties, dates, work, concerts, makeouts, breakups, birthdays, lazy days, wandering etc etc etc. every street triggered a memory. i don't think i'll have that anywhere ever again.
  7. Breakfast sandwiches
    it's not really a thing here. WHY
  8. Late night options
    not even of the drinking and partying variety. I just want a store to be open past 7 here. Like, who doesnt wanna browse a shop while you wait for a table? this city closes SO EARLY
  9. Tasti-D
    before pinkberry and 16 handles there was TASTI D LITE. there are a million flavors in name only, its basically chocolate or vanilla. rainbow sprinkles on the bottom, chocolate tasti d, more sprinks on top. THE ULTIMATE SUMMER NIGHT SNACK
  10. Getting delivery in a timely manner
    the standard here is ONE HOUR. can you even?