my mom and dad get here on wednesday and @tinabell gets here friday. in true CHEZ OLSON fashion we have pushed eleventy million things into 3 days.
  1. grocery shopping
    the cupboards are bare. and even though I can french press you a delicious Blue Bottle coffee that i grind myself, my parents prefer folgers from a keurig. @tinabell just fyi no almond milk allowed here IT IS A NUT NONGRATA IN CALIFORNIA
  2. get our bedroom painted
    we are insane, obviously. but i hate the color of our bedroom (was previously painted before we moved in. a sage green. nice for some, soul-crushing for me). on a whim i booked a task rabbit to come tomorrow to paint 3 walls a slightly warm white and the wall behind our bed a deep inky blueblack.
  3. get the cleaning service over here
    weds AM. 2 ladies take about 3 hours and do everything i hate e.g. scrub the bathroom and clean the fridge shelves. this has to be REALLY WELL DONE because my mom has AN EAGLE EYE
  4. unpack and straighten up all clothes
    it usually takes me 3 weeks minimum to unpack a suitcase. and i have had clean laundry sitting around for a week. there's nothing worse than PUTTING THINGS AWAY
  5. take oscar for his checkup
    shots and general health. also needs more flea meds and various healthy dog things. also happenijg tomorrow. hope that room gets painted quick
  6. pretty up dat deck
    i repotted about 6 plants into pots i made, threw out 2 dead ones and tried to figure out the best configuration out there. its stilll not right. its annoying me
  7. buy new duvet cover and a quilt mabes
    the old ones are old. i need a blanket for my sis sleeping on the couch too. i guess this happens tomorrow as well, tomorrow is looking cray
  8. admire my impeccably organized pantry
    because my mom will notice. and i organized it weeks ago so ITS NOT ON MY TO-DO LIST! it just looks great is all
  9. ditch the orange table in the guest room and somehow make the ramshackle bookshelf seem nice
    i commissioned a piece for this room (a local carpenter in Oakland who also made our record cabinet) but she won't have it done for like 5 weeks. But I fucking hate that orange table and i want it to be niiiiiice in there for my parents!
  10. buy flowers!
    for the love of god!!
  11. do all of this while we both work fulltime