Welcome to Mazemakers ------------------ I would like to premise this list with the fact that, although easy to make fun and totally weird, this camp has a special place in my heart. It was a great place to work as my first real job and cares deeply about every camper in a way few other places do
  1. Despite the name of the camp, no construction of mazes ever took place
  2. There were heated investigations to expose the illicit activity of the Mad Tagger, a camper chosen by the gods to hang post its all over the place in secret
  3. There were no black people at the camp ever
  4. Everyone was afraid that they would get heatstroke and die if they were outside for more than 15 minutes
  5. Counsellors meddled in the love affairs of nine year olds so that they wouldn't be an emotional distraction to the rest of the camp
  6. Every drama play seemed to reference a pickle. Every time the reference came completely out of left field
  7. The key to being the alpha male of the camp was to excel at Magic The Gathering. Being mildly athletic was oftentimes frowned upon
  8. Instead of going to first or second period class, your day was divided into blocks entitled things like "apples and pears up the stairs," "Abraham King Kong," or "frosty the puddle"
  9. Older campers (between 12 and 14 years old) were referred to as Mazeblazers. Most of them would not have known what weed is
  10. Campers had a convention to craft their own constitution, which could not be ratified until they collectively made seal noises
  11. Campers created a sensation know as rocks in pants. This involved them competing to fit as many rocks as possible within their pant legs while seated, only for an avalanche of stones to plummet from their crotches when they stood up. Some more amused than others, the counsellors disagreed about whether intervention was necessary
  12. Everyday began with "comfort and caring" where people shared what was going on in their lives. I consoled many over the loss of their pet fish