Living in Chile and desperately missing lots of people and things. Maybe this will be cathartic.
  1. My family
  2. Clancy
  3. William- but not for long!!
  4. My friends
  5. Bruiser
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  6. Real food.
    Real, honest to goodness, nourishing (sometimes) food. I miss kale and gluten free pasta, quinoa (ironic bc it grows down here), meat that's not tough and gross, my mom's soups, squash, brussel sprouts, CHOCOLATE, chocolate, chocolate, good coffee, half & half, gf double chocolate chip cookies, Graeters, Skyline, gf waffles, good tea, Clancy's turkey chili, Christmas cookies.
  7. Being encouraged
    This seems pathetic maybe but my friends are always so encouraging and I didn't realize how much I took it for granted until I got here and now feel very alone and unsure of myself.
  8. Being understood
  9. Going to friends' houses just to talk
  10. Driving the the grocery store
  11. Trees. God I miss trees. And crickets and birds and a green smelling breeze.
  12. Christmas in the winter.
    Snow, warm drinks, the feeling of a tingly nose and cheeks when you come inside to the warmth, hugging people with coats on, the smell of cold air, Christmas music, cocooning myself into blankets to watch a movie by the fire.
  13. Having my dad make me feel like I'm doing alright. And his hugs.
  14. Not worrying about bugs and spiders
  15. Christmas flavors at coffee shops
  16. Having reliable internet
  17. Being able to wear whatever I want without feeling scared
  18. Being able to walk down the street without people staring at me
  19. Hanging out in Clancy's apartment
  20. Being with the Katies & Emily and feeling 100% like myself
  21. Making dinner with Abby
  22. Doing some random Christmas card type craft with Abby
  23. My piano- this one makes me want to cry
  24. Driving
  25. The lights in the trees uptown