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I take these types of photos a lot.
  1. Sleeping
  2. Still sleeping
  3. Totally passed out
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9-ish weeks to go in my second pregnancy
  1. Retrieve my pre-pregnancy activewear from storage and wear it all the time.
    I'm one of the millions of women who wear activewear, particularly compression leggings, even when I am not working out or planning to work out. And I DGAF.
  2. Lay on my back.
    Forgot how annoying the whole "the weight of the baby will cut off blood flow to a major artery behind the uterus" thing is.
  3. Lay on my stomach.
    Forgot how annoying the whole "baby in the womb/in the way" thing is.
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  1. Fictional characters with violet eyes
    No one has violet eyes and if they do, they're wearing contacts. Making a fictional character have violet eyes is almost always used to make them seem more interesting or mysterious. This is lazy writing.
  2. The Family Circus cartoon
    The dead grandparents watching from heaven especially
  3. The font Comic Sans
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