9-ish weeks to go in my second pregnancy
  1. Retrieve my pre-pregnancy activewear from storage and wear it all the time.
    I'm one of the millions of women who wear activewear, particularly compression leggings, even when I am not working out or planning to work out. And I DGAF.
  2. Lay on my back.
    Forgot how annoying the whole "the weight of the baby will cut off blood flow to a major artery behind the uterus" thing is.
  3. Lay on my stomach.
    Forgot how annoying the whole "baby in the womb/in the way" thing is.
  4. Drink alcohol.
    First cocktail: a Gold Rush prepared by my friend Matt. First wine: whatever poured from a box or bottle by whomever.
  5. Enjoy the fact that I don't have to pee right after I pee.
    Cause right now I'm looking at chamber pots like 👀