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  1. Hi friends. I'm Whitney.
  2. I'm 21
  3. I study criminal justice & law
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What shows to watch?
  1. Greys Anatomy
    Waiting on new season to start
  2. Game of Thrones
    Waiting on next episode
  3. The Voice
    Waiting tonight for results
I'm a pretty open girl!
  1. I'll start! What's my favorite book???
    Harry Potter Series, Catcher in the Rye, Game of Thrones
  2. @LevNovak best dinner ever??
    My grandmothers beef stew or her salmon patties! They are so good. It's always been one of my favorite meals, but I've never learned to perfect it !
  3. @kcupcaker what was my childhood dream job?
    To be a lawyer! Thankfully I'm still pursuing that!! (:
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  1. This show is so great
    It always starts out that way
  2. Depression
    Someone comes in that has a heartbreaking story that is relatable and you break down
  3. Is that how they're going to fix it?
    Crazy idea to take everyone's organs out to repair a scratch.
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  1. This is her
  2. "I'm the Night!!!!"
  3. Get out of the trash
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  1. I have been here one hour. That means I need to go through this hour 5 more times before I can leave.
  2. Every co worker sucks
  3. When your boss talks to you
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