I travel very very regularly for my job. Honestly, I should be better at this.
  1. A coat
    It has been winter for almost all of the past six months. I have forgotten my coat more than once in that time period.
  2. Shoes that are not sandals
    It snowed on my bare feet today. It snowed. And all I brought were sandals.
  3. Underwear
    I left for a four day trip with zero pairs of underwear. The males in particular really enjoyed the emergency crew trip to Victoria's Secret...
  4. Pajamas
    Thanks, Target.
  5. A sports bra
    I actually thought maybe I would work out at the hotel gym, but alas, I couldn't. On second thought, this may have been subconsciously intentional.
  6. Shampoo
    I love those little hotel bottles, though!