Goat cheese makes almost everything better, but here is a list of things I frequently add it to. Thanks, goats!
  1. Pizza
    I mean, duh.
  2. Scrambled eggs
    Mix it in while the eggs are about halfway cooked and it makes them creamy and delicious. Add some scallions if you really wanna go wild.
  3. Salad
    Classic application. Pairs well with tangy fruits and crunchy nuts.
  4. Roasted vegetables
    Sprinkle on top of roasted vegetables and it's earthy and indulgent with little fuss.
  5. Burgers
    You need bacon and caramelized onions to round this one out.
  6. Spaghetti sauce
    1-2 tablespoons added to your regular recipe for marinara or meat sauce and you're gonna go from average to craveable.