I'm madly in love with my 362 sqft Cottage... most of the time.
  1. We get stuck in the front door several times a day.
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  2. There's pretty much no other place for the dog to sit other than directly on top of someone.
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  3. Our guests won't admit it, but the skylight (and SoCal sun) over the couch "aka the guest room" is a real bitch in the mornings.
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  4. We have pocket doors inside. Which are awesome. Unless you're in a fight. Nothing takes the impact out of a good door slam like having the door bounce back open immediately after you've forcefully rolled it shut... you know... to prove your point.
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  5. My fiancé and mother had to cut a mattress down with a breadknife to get it to fit into the bedroom.
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  6. You can pretty much see EVERYTHING that's in the house, so there's no room for ugly plastic crap. Which seems great, but it also means that when your nephew comes over, he is forced to play with items such as weird driftwood sculptures. And rocks. And clumps of dog hair.
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  7. I am constantly running into and breaking things. Cabinets. Vases. My face.
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  8. There's no lying to yourself about how lazy you are. When it takes 2 seconds to walk from the kitchen to your desk, but you insist on spending 2 minutes trying to fit all your snacks on a tray to carry to the computer (so you don't have to make the trip back to the kitchen... duh) you are forced to face that fact that you're a total sloth.
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  9. When people gift things to you, you're fucked.
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