I can't help it. I worry incessantly all the time, about everything. My mom is nice enough to call it "fretting" but it's really just plain old worrying.
  1. Snapchat
    Recently I've been really stressed about not knowing how to use SnapChat...I just don't get it. I'm not certain what a "my story" is, in fact in not even confident that's what it's called. It's probably because I'm getting old. I'll never be a social influencer.
  2. Social Influencers
    On the subject of "Social Influencers" I worry about that too. Like what exactly are you influencing? I'm definitely never going to buy a coffee bean scrub or do a tea tox or drink a protein shake for breakfast. Again, this probably has something to do with me being old. (Pssst...I REALLY want to be a social influencer)
  3. Having a dog/Not having a dog
    I love dogs. Every time I see one I make a weird noise on a frequency that I can only really access when in one's presence, but I still won't get one. I worry about it waking me up in the middle of the night, peeing on something I like, preventing me from going to Disneyland...I could go on. Once I almost got one, I debated it internally to the point of tears on more than one occasion.
  4. Spiders
    No explanation needed. They have 8 legs and way too many eyes.
  5. The cost of producing a blockbuster
    I love movies. I especially love blockbusters. THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE TO MAKE. once I googled how much it cost to make Quantum Of Solace, then I attempted to estimate how much is would cost to provide clean water and food to impoverished areas of Africa...I'm pretty sure it cost more to make that movie than cure world hunger. I feel guilty but I still go. Acknowledging this in writing makes me wonder if I really want to see Mad Max tonight. I do.
  6. The flu
    What is there not to worry about in regards to the flu? It literally seems like the worst fucking situation ever. I get flu shots every year which doesn't even make sense because I won't use soap with sulfates. But I'm so concerned about getting sick that I'm willing to roll the dice on injecting poison into my veins. Ps. Haven't gotten the flu since 2004
  7. Healthy body image in women
    By profession I work as a model. I get embarrassed to tell people that because everyone is a "model" but that's my own issue...I work with young girls on a regular basis and I'm sick about it. I'm a grown up woman and this business wears on my self esteem more than I'd like to admit. I often try and put my 16 year old self in the shoes of the young girls I work with, who are too afraid to eat anything other than dry lettuce for lunch. It would have killed me. YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL.
  8. Rejection
    I like to consider myself a confident person and mostly I am but I also struggle with fear of rejection. I'm rejected on a pretty much daily basis due to the nature of my job. In fact, to be totally honest, I'm even worried about being rejected now...