1. JTT
    He would have been shirtless and soft bodied, holding a puppy with his hair in a middle part. I probably would have torn it out of BOP magazine and there would be creases from where I folded it up and hid it from my parents.
  2. My beanie baby collection
    I would probably #tbt it and pretend it was babyish but really I still thought they were everything.
  3. Lots of moody modeling selfies
    I would want to be show casing my eyebrows that I secretly plucked too thin...and then lied about...
  4. Bad pictures of my cat
    I imagine she would have the cat equivalent to red eye in every picture
  5. My stereo
    It was a 6 disc CD changer. It was a seriously big deal and we got it from the Good Guys.
  6. A video of me rapping Gangsters Paradise
  7. A picture of myself in a baby tee from Rampage that I bought without my dad knowing
    It showed my belly button
  8. So many pictures of Frappuccinos