Okay so after my Pixar Movies Worst to Best list was published, this list was requested. As I mentioned in that list, Monsters University has multiple flaws. Now don't get me wrong, I love this movie very, very much and will watch it anytime; but there are some things that stand out. After watching it the first time something just felt... off.
  1. Originality
    Most, if not all, Pixar films take a small, thoughtful idea and let it blossom into something so much bigger. One issue with this movie is that I feel it moves backwards, instead of forwards. Clearly, it's a prequel so that's something it's supposed to do, but I'll get into that later. The entire idea of the movie isn't something we haven't seen before: an underdog team who rises up against the odds, and, ultimately, fails. I do love the ending, but I feel Pixar is capable of so much more.
  2. Prequel
    Now, listing as a flaw doesn't seem right, I know, but it's certainly something that holds the film back. In deciding to be a prequel, all of the events that take place in the original, haven't happened yet, so children are still considered to be diseased et cetera. One of the brilliant things about Monsters Inc. was its relations between Boo and Mike & Sully, having this film take place in a pre-Boo world takes that option away. It just couldn't be as deep and original without the children.
  3. Randall Boggs
    Randall's transition from innocent, confused monster to the menace we know in Monsters Inc. never really sold me. He gets involved with the wrong people, and upset after "losing" to Sully, but that's pretty much it. After seeing the person, excuse me, monster he was at the start of the film, this path to evil never really felt real to me.
  4. Agree? Disagree? Let me know why or why not, below.