Pixar Movies Worst to Best

This was not easy, and to be totally honest I may change the order of some of these films later, and add onto it.
  1. 17.
    Cars 2
    This is a very not good movie. Not good.
  2. 16.
    I didn't really enjoy this movie, something about the rodents.
  3. 15.
    A Bug's Life
    I didn't really enjoy this movie, something about the bugs.
  4. 14.
    This was a better movie than its sequel, but still why?
  5. 13.
    This is a pretty good movie, I just feel like there are several better ones. With talking.
  6. 12.
    The Good Dinosaur
    This is not a normal Pixar movie by any means, and I feel it gets lots of unnecessary distaste for that. I appreciate what this movie tried to do. Sure, it didn't "feel" like Pixar, but changes are good.
  7. 11.
    Another movie that doesn't necessarily "feel" like classic Pixar, but it's a good movie nonetheless.
  8. 10.
    Monsters University
    I really love this movie. It's hilarious, fun, and shows us the beginning of Mulder and Scully. I mean Mike and Sully. There are multiple flaws, which keep it from being as good as it could be, but this remains an fun, enjoyable Pixar flick.
  9. 9.
    Toy Story
    The first film of Pixar, and a great one.
  10. 8.
    Finding Dory
    It took me a second viewing to fully appreciate this movie, but I believe that this is a very strong sequel to the Pixar great Finding Nemo. If it can make you cry, laugh, and... other stuff I guess? Then it's another great achievement by Pixar.
  11. 7.
    Inside Out
    I believe this film was made on a deep level that most viewers didn't understand. This is one of the bet Pixar movies ever made in my mind, and without a doubt the most original and creative.
  12. 6.
    Toy Story 2
    The Toy Story franchise just keeps getting better, with the introduction of new characters, this sequel is one of the best.
  13. 5.
    Monsters Inc.
    Kitty! Excuse me as I go and cry and quote this entire movie. I want to go watch it now, be right back.
  14. 4.
    Finding Nemo
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! What do we do? We swim, swim. Wahauhahau, we love to swim!
  15. 3.
    The Incredibles
    The best Fantastic Four movie, and it's not even a Fantastic Four movie. What it is, is a great, hysterical Pixar action film
  16. 2.
    Toy Story 3
    So long, partne— *sobs* The best of the Toy Story movies. Tell me you didn't cry, I dare you.
  17. 1.
    Able to craft a better love story in the first fifteen minutes than most films can do the entire runtime. This has everything great about Pixar, packed into a heartfelt story that I love to watch every single time.