The Definitive Ranking of Current Superhero Shows

Comic-book characters are ruling everything nowadays. Movies, TV Shows, even Coke commercials for the love of God. Sometimes the product of this is wonderful (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and sometimes it is, well much less than so (Fantastic Four). In this list, I will be counting down the worst to best comic-book shows currently on air.
  1. 9. Gotham
    Yikes. Now this show isn't terrible, or even necessarily bad. However, it's not the fun experience that superhero shows should be. Dark, and gloomy works sometimes, if it's done right. But unfortunately, this show has locked itself in a position where it has limited heroes, limited villains, and relies heavily on the story of Batman, without actually including Batman. Plus, the show is unnecessarily grim. With no truly like able characters, and more, making for a tedious viewing experience.
  2. 8. Supergirl
    Now I'm going to be honest, I am not caught up with this show. However, based on what I have seen (and heard from other viewers) this show is struggling in its first season, with a few one dimensional characters and relying too much on the man of steel rather than the title character. Also, bogged down by poor performances and cheesiness, Supergirl has yet to reach its full potential, to be the great show it can be
  3. 7. DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    I've got problems with the overlong name, first of all, but I'll overlook that for now. Cool concept, taking characters from Arrow and Flash to create a time traveling team, that is probably as close as we'll get to a small screen Justice League. I do enjoy this show, but less than stellar acting (although there are some great performances), a villain who should be menacing but just... isn't, along with uneven episodes/tone keep this show from being it's best. High hopes for season two though.
  4. 6. Arrow
    Ah Arrow, the one who started it all. And when it started, it was really, really good. Seasons one and two are some of the best superhero TV there is. Recently though, seasons three and four have really fallen out of place, not sure of what they're trying to accomplish. It's not bad, but it's certainly not great either. At least it's still entertaining and fun. I hope it can find its way back to the content we loved. Oh and for the love of God stop the flashbacks. Enough is enough.
  5. 5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    After a so-so start, Agents really took off after the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The later half of season one was a fun ride of twists, turns, betrayals, and shocking revelations. It all got better from there, season two was incredible, and so far season three has been great. To be honest however, I'm a little worried about this show's new direction. In the past episodes, it has done away with three great main characters. But for now, Agents is amazing.
  6. 4. Agent Carter
    Hayley Atwell. Need I say more? Okay, yeah I kinda think I should. Season one was a fantastic blend of noir espionage and a period piece. Grounded, fun, and strangely dark. It also managed to tackle gender stereotypes and showed the importance of knowing your value. This will forever be one of my favorite seasons of television. Season two tried to branch out in another direction, unnecessarily, but successfully. This show deserves way more viewers, and I am praying for a season three renewal.
  7. 3. Jessica Jones
    Finding a place for this masterpiece was difficult. I knew it had to be top three and settled on third. This show is so incredible in every way. Taking on so many issues and developing so many strong female characters is no easy task, but Jessica Jones managed to accomplish this and so much more. With a disturbingly dark and courageous tone, the writers weave a story full of intrigue and discoveries. This is important. We needed this show, and we got it.
  8. 2. The Flash
    This. Is. A. Superhero. Show. The Flash is not afraid of being a wacky comic-book show, it embraces it. It embraces it big time. Talking gorillas, man sharks, and more insanity is what makes The Flash great. Not concerned with explaining the science of its world and making it seem real, it throws any sense of realism out then window and becomes what it should be: a fun, crazy show that is a blast to watch. Sure, there's been few cheesy episodes, but it's human characters and drama outweigh that.
  9. 1. Daredevil
    It was tough deciding to put this or The Flash at #1, but I've made my decision and stand by it. Daredevil is purely amazing in every way possible. All of its characters are so fleshed out, it's storylines know exactly what their purpose is, it shows the internal conflict of the Catholic Matt Murdock as he tries to separate right from wrong. Daredevil may be the best adaptation of any comic-book character to the screen, ever. Among all of this, it remains extremely fun to watch. Bravo Marvel.
  10. Agree? Disagree? Let me know why in the comments below!