Two years ago today, the How I Met Your Mother series finale aired, resulting in huge backlash from fans. Having recently finished the series on Netflix, here's a (long) list of reasons why it ruins the show.
  1. Barney and Robin were perfect for each other
    After years of character development and an entire freaking season leading up to their wedding, the finale then decides to flash forward three years, and have them get divorced. One of the worst things about this is that all of season nine showed Barney and Robin realizing problems in their relationship, and then getting over them. Even leading up to their wedding, when Barney vows to always be honest to her. This season showed how great they were for each other, and made Ted realize that too.
  2. Barney and Robin's divorce
    Season nine saw Barney and Robin working through all of their problems and discovering their love for each other meant more than anything else. Then, flashed forward showing they decided to get divorced purely because Barney was getting tired of traveling across the world, and Robin not being around. Oh, and because he can't run his internet blog. Worst of all, Robin seems to be totally okay with this. We never even see the conversation where they decide on divorce, it feels like a cop-out.
  3. Sunrise
    Giphy downsized medium
    The finale completely ruins this season nine episode, in which, after nine years, Ted finally lets go of Robin. In a, somewhat over-the-top, display, Ted decides it's finally time to let go, and he does. This allows for Barney and Robin to get married without Ted moping around in sadness, and makes it possible for Ted to met Tracy at the bus stop after the wedding. Then in 2030, many bad writing decisions later, Ted goes and asks Robin out again in the last scene of the series.
  4. Ted and Tracy were perfect for each other
    Out of all of Ted's girlfriends, there was never a more perfect match then Ted Mosby and Tracy McConnell. Their relationship was revealed in all too short scenes, sprinkled throughout season nine, ending with the reveal that Tracy had gotten sick, and died. With no explanation. This death was handled so carelessly, that it's actually just brushed off by the line "[...] Mom's been gone for six years now." I might have actually been okay with killing the mother, if it was handled more delicately.
  5. All the Flashfowards
    Sometimes flashfowards work, really well actually (Parks and Recreation finale). But in the case of this series finale, this was not the right choice. They only left me realizing the lack of development that was put into all the big choices the writers made in the finale. In my opinion, the only necessary flashfowards were those between Ted and Tracy. To see their happy life together. Nothing else was necessary, and only felt like tools used to justify the horrible writing mistakes made.
  6. Barney Stinson, Father
    Throughout nine seasons Barney has undergone more development than anyone in the show, and then it's all thrown in the garbage. After his inexplicable divorce, Barney goes back to his old disgusting ways. Then he gets a girl pregnant. A girl who won't even allow him into the hospital room. She gives birth to a child that Barney doesn't even care about until her holds her for the first time. This is supposed to be Barney's happy ending. No, Barney's happy ending should've been marrying Robin.
  7. Robin Scherbatsky
    In one hour, Robin changes from "happily married to the love of her life" to "world traveling famous news anchor who never a spends time with those who matter to her". Robin was never this type of person, but now she is for plot reasons. Then, suddenly, she's back living in New York with her dogs so that...
  8. Ted can ask Robin out
    Oh, boy. So the entire point of this story was not to tell his kids how he met their mom, but instead to get their permission to ask out Robin, yet again. What on Earth were these writers thinking. Marshall and Lily have chemistry. Barney and Robin have chemistry. Ted and Tracy have chemistry. Compared to all of these couples, Ted and Robin do not have that kind of chemistry. For some reason though, the writers decide to destroy two beautiful love stories, for this sake of this one. Not good.
  9. Above all of this, How I Met Your Mother will always be one of my favorite shows. As far as I'm concerned, the show ended with Barney and Robin getting married and Ted seeing Tracy. What are your thoughts on this finale? Let me know in the comments.