5 Celebrities That Accurately Define My "Type"

Requirements: remarkable cheekbones and a string cheese like figure
  1. James Bay
    Automatic life partner material right here. Voice is like a gravelly, milky waterfall if that even makes sense. Long hair and wide brimmed hat that could shade our multitude of British accented children in times of stress.
  2. Garrett Borns
    Lead singer of 2015 breakout band BØRNS. Take a listen if you're clueless, but why am I so deeply attracted to the fact that his singing voice sounds like a straight female ??? I know why: because that's hot. I feel like he would name a star after you and give you the pet name "fairy floss." Also, I don't think he gets haircuts. I'm into it.
  3. Harry Styles
    Don't roll your eyes. He is the sex symbol of my generation. I refuse to apologize. This man was the Trojan horse of my sexual awakening. Fell in love with him when he was 17 and he has gracefully transformed into modern day The Jungle Book's Mowgli if he wore Versace and sang pop ballads. Long hair, cheekbones, string bean stature. Amen, amen.
  4. Taron Egerton
    I saw Kingsman and couldn't even tell you the plot I was so fixated on Taron Egerton's sweet sweet bone structure. Not sure about his height so I might have to sacrifice that, but he seems like another rugged Brit that would discuss world issues and the glass ceiling with me.
  5. 1996 Leonardo Dicaprio
    Would need a time machine for this one so bear with me, but I spent my entire Senior year of high school researching Leo in the 90s and have concurred this was his most prime year. Why? It's simple. Romeo + Juliet, that's why. Every man on this list can take notes from those cheekbones. I feel like if we would have met in 1996, Leo wouldn't be the yacht riding, earth saving, supermodel serial dater that the media makes him, but a settled down man. One problem: that's the year I was born.