Absolute favorite sister trio is back with vengeance this year. Days Are Gone is a record for the books. No doubt this will be too.
  2. Kanye West
    Only One and Four Five Seconds were masterpieces this past year. Kanye is going back to his 808s and heartbreak vocal/rap combo, and I'm into it. He might be a douche, but Kanye never disappoints with his musical deliveries. EVER. Every album is gold.
  3. Two Door Cinema Club
    My early high school obsession. How blessed to be back with new tunes from them.
  4. Blink-182
    NO TOM DELONGE. I know, but maybe it will be good for the band. Mark and Travis were always kinda the heart of the band, and adding Matt Skiba will be a nice touch.
  5. Grouplove
    WAITED so long for this!!!! Interested to see where this band takes their sound on this third studio album.
  6. The 1975
    God, I don't even care how much every angsty 15 year old worships this band, I do too. Their new sound is remarkable. I've preordered their box set vinyl...it was 75 English pounds...
  7. Santigold
    SANTIGOLD IS A BADASS!!!! This new album will be legendary
  8. Mystery Jets
    Funky British alt pop fuels me. Excited for a new record from these guys
  9. MGMT
    Better be better than the last album.
  10. Vampire Weekend
    Feels like ages since Modern Vampires. I'm ready for new tunes and new genius from Ezra Koeing himself.
  11. LCD Soundsystem
    Supposedly this will be this year???? Not sure, but stoked beyond belief about this reunion.
  12. Frank Ocean
    It's about DAMN time is all I have to say.