My mom is Peruvian. My dad is Lebanese. I am a 5'11" white lookin girl. Here are the pressing questions I have actually been asked a multitude of times for the last 19 years:
  1. " where is Lebanon?"
    Since we fail to educate our youth on the simple geography of our earth, I've had to pull up multiple maps pointing out where my father's country is. It's always followed by "You know Hummus? Yeah, you have us to thank"
  2. "Oh my god, that's like really close to Iraq and Syria :O. Are you safe there????"
    Yes, very observant. For all the turmoil Lebanon has faced, yes I do feel safe when I go there. This seems to shock people. Probably cause all they see on the news is scary headline after scary headline. Look, things aren't perfect over there but it IS home.
  3. "Your mom is blonde and speaks Spanish???"
    Yes!!! There are Blonde people in Hispanic countries. This is something that always baffled me that people don't know??? You can have green eyes and blonde hair and be from Mexico, Argentina etc. Hello?? Conquistadors???
  4. "When your parents met what did they speak together?"
    ...English. Because every other school system in the world seems to teach it and kids walk out pretty much fluent. Seriously everyone in Lebanon is trilingual??? They all speak Arabic, French, and English. I have friends who have taken Spanish for 13 years and can't say "¿Hola, come estas?" properly.
  5. "So, what was it like growing up with two religions??"
    Thank you for assuming that, but actually both of my parents are actually Christian. My dad is Greek Orthodox, my mom is Catholic. Lebanon actually has a pretty nice chunk of the population that is Christian (this is something I also have spend hours explaining.) Although it would not have mattered either way, it's interesting to see how quick people always are to jump on that.
  6. " look white?"
    Yes, I do. Being of different ethnicity doesn't mean looking ethnic! Lebanese people are often very "white" looking since they were colonized by the French a while back and my mom is inherently northern Italian and Spanish (blonde, green eyes)! People can look different than what you think.