Self-explanatory. In no particular order. But if I do this wrong it's not my fault. First list. Blame Julie.
  1. Leather slip-on sneakers. Didn't even flinch before adding to cart. Color choice explanation: black was an option; I don't have one.
  2. A book whose description made me cry that I will never actually read.
  3. A 10 foot Apple-certified lightning cable because getting off the couch to charge my phone is simply never happening again.
  4. False hope via Amazon Prime.
  5. Reinforcements.
  6. Weekday reinforcements.
  7. More shoes. Quilted Keds! Psyched to wear these once around the house, neatly tuck them away in my closet, and be super confused by them 19 or so months from now.
  8. Parenthood the complete series!!! I didn't know this existed. I've been living a shadow life up til now. #JasonKatims #emotionalterrorism (Are hashtags a thing on this thing?)
  9. THESE as seen at a party Friday night as worn by the most beautiful actress I've ever encountered in person. Spent two point five hours searching for them. SUCCESS. I don't wear gold jewelry. And I never wear earrings. And I can't afford them. Couldn't care less, they are mine, I win shopping.
  10. Cotton, so many cotton, forever wardrobe, nothing structured ever again.
  11. A pizza with goat cheese and all of the olives; since eaten.