things only I can give myself
  1. happiness
    this is all I want. my life goal. my core desire in this life
  2. confidence
    mine fluctuates too often. it's unstable and weak. where can I get a stable, solid one?
  3. increased productivity
    as someone who procrastinates a lot and hates herself for it, efficiency and productivity sounds really good
  4. a goal
    sounds weird, but I'm a high school student who has literally no idea what she wants to do with her life and too often has crises over her seemingly purposeless existence. so a goal or at least vague direction would help
  5. a passion
    anything that makes me happy and interests me and possibly something I'd want to spend the rest of my life doing. I feel lost and pointless and identity-less without one
  6. basic social skills
    how do I order McDonald's without sounding stupid? how do I make myself look not awkward around new people? how can I essentially be a socially healthy and functioning person?
  7. clear skin