me???? writing a happy list????
  1. it's my birthday!!!
    the first thing I heard this morning was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
  2. it's my friend's birthday!!!
    one of my best friends has the same birthday as me???? fate
  3. I was showered in gifts
    maybe not showered, just sprinkled. loved everything I was given. a beautiful range of sweet and funny
  4. I was given attention and affection
  5. it was dark all day
    the skies are still rumbling
  6. dan + phil posted a new video
    planning to watch that later👌
  7. there's ice cream cake sitting in the fridge
  8. the comp sci test wasn't even that hard
    oh no??? I've probably just jinxed myself
  9. I smiled and laughed a lot
  10. I love my friends