1. victorious
    such a hyped song. would 103% jam to
  2. don't threaten me with a good time
    nice. continuing with this wild/party/hype theme
  3. hallelujah
    the 1st song from this album that dropped :') soooo good
  4. emperor's new clothes
    my JAM during Halloween. honestly so catchy and jam-worthy
  5. death of a bachelor
    snazzy af
  6. crazy=genius
    also so snazzy?? I like this
  7. LA devotee
    that generically good tune. p good
  8. golden days
    this reminds me of fob. slightly. like it!!!
  9. the good, the bad, and the dirty
    ooooh yeah I like this one
  10. house of memories
    I LIKE THIS ONE. a lot less hype/jam than the others. rlly nice
  11. impossible year
    ahh the slow song of the album