me ranking my own lists👑
  1. cat butts: Cat Butts
    when neko atsume was all the rage!!
  2. when I'm most likely to cry: When I Am Most Likely to Cry
  3. usernames that haven't been taken yet?: Usernames That Haven't Been Taken Yet?
    statistically, my best one. this was my first list that ever made it to the trending page
  4. my personality can be so inconvenient: My Personality Can Be So Inconvenient
    apparently this is really relatable. nice
  5. moments I want to live in: Moments I Want to Live In
    happiness contained in bullet points
  6. 2015 Christmas list: 2015 Christmas Listj
    I feel like this really describes what I truly want and where I am in life right now??
  7. fave quotes✨💫🌟: Fave Quotes✨💫🌟
    funny how my favorite list I've written is not even composed of my own words?