Lists I've Made So Far, Ranked

me ranking my own lists👑
  1. 7.
    cat butts: Cat Butts
    when neko atsume was all the rage!!
  2. 6.
    when I'm most likely to cry: When I Am Most Likely to Cry
  3. 5.
    usernames that haven't been taken yet?: Usernames That Haven't Been Taken Yet?
    statistically, my best one. this was my first list that ever made it to the trending page
  4. 4.
    my personality can be so inconvenient: My Personality Can Be So Inconvenient
    apparently this is really relatable. nice
  5. 3.
    moments I want to live in: Moments I Want to Live In
    happiness contained in bullet points
  6. 2.
    2015 Christmas list: 2015 Christmas Listj
    I feel like this really describes what I truly want and where I am in life right now??
  7. 1.
    fave quotes✨💫🌟: Fave Quotes✨💫🌟
    funny how my favorite list I've written is not even composed of my own words?