a review of my unfitting presence on the list app
  1. I am a baby!!!
    everyone on here is so old!! I am just a small 15 year old girl in high school and it's so weird. I feel very out of place but that's alright
  2. my lowercase
    I am like the only one who uses lowercase. honestly.....fight me. it's for the aesthetic and representative of my personality and identity
  3. so antisocial
    there are apps in which I want to go out and comment and follow and willingly be active and interact with other people, but I guess this isn't one of those apps. that's okay; I think this is more like a personal creative (creative?? that's questionable), venty workspace
  4. my lowkey sad content
    apparently in my personal "creative" workspace I like to lowkey let loose some sadness. I just deleted "things I should stop doing", but "Christmas list 2015", "everything good that happened this week", and a draft list called "I got 99 problems" are all pretty reflective of my inner discomfort with myself/my life
  5. my profile picture of Dan
    on almost every social media platform I use a profile picture of my favorite person, which happens to be Dan at the moment. but everyone else on this app seems to prefer a profile picture of themselves, which is fine. I just hope no one thinks that I'm actually Dan