1. morning light
    songs that sound like the soft morning light that pours through your window and onto your sheets (milk by sea oleena)
  2. epic soundtracks
    sometimes you don't need words to make a statement (time by Hans Zimmer)
  3. mirror butt EP
    by Dan Howell & Phil Lester feat. Dil Howlter
  4. a playlist that sounds like the glow aesthetic
    tumblr aesthetics, dim scenes with neon lights, a bit moody, slight brooding, v chill, pleasing to the ear (DKLA by troye sivan)
  5. hotel vibe
    the kind of vibes you'd get from laying on a hotel bed in the dark alone (is there somewhere by halsey, cheap hotel by leon else ?)
  6. am I in love with you? or am I in love with the feeling?
  7. now we're lost somewhere in outer space
  8. don't keep love around
  9. dream to