1. Camp counselor at Camp Tracy
  2. Dishwasher at Dan's Grocery Store
  3. Counter, and then Baker at Einsteins Bagels
  4. Cottonwood 4 movie theater
  5. Package handler at UPS
  6. Stocker at Gap Outlet
  7. Crepe maker at European Connection
  8. Custodian at Provo MTC
  9. Salesman in the electronics department at Sears
  10. Commercial Sales at Apex Alarm
  11. Door to door sales for Firstline Security
  12. Recruitment Ambassador at UVU
  13. Video Producer at Firstline Security
  14. Video Editor at UVU
  15. Social Content Manager at Petomundo
  16. Design Instructor at Stevens-Henager College
  17. Web Developer at O'Reilly/Make: magazine
  18. Software Engineer at Condè Nast