Mostly by the 3 yr old boy with chime ins from his 8 yr old sister.
  1. So Jesus had to fight the devil
  2. And the devil really wanted him to do it
  3. And he told him to run
  4. But he was like no
  5. And he fought him and won
  6. And then judas was like
  7. Don't hurt Jesus!
  8. But Jesus did it.
  9. And they lied to him and said
  10. We won't hurt him
  11. But they did hurt him
  12. And judas was so guilty
  13. That he killed himself
  14. How did he die?
  15. He hanged himself
  16. How'd he do that?
  17. He put a rope over a tree and put his head in a knot
  18. And pulled it until
  19. His neck snapped
  20. He was dead
  21. And then they put Jesus on a cross
  22. And they put nails right here on his arm
  23. No! It was his hand
  24. In his hand
  25. And he was on the cross
  26. And there was blood
  27. And he died
  28. And that's what happened
  29. .........
  30. Merry Christmas!