Inspired by @supabg if you guys ever need someone to a pitch a show for you, I gotchu boo (hey @bjnovak sup?)
  1. 3 guys need a new roommate so a girl moves in and then they do stuff.
  2. A brother and sister and their estranged dad run a bar with their two friends.
  3. Three guys live in a house and work at a marketing corporation. Their friend lives in a van. They smoke a lot of weed.
  4. Its the Vice President and her staff. They do stuff.
  5. A hot cop and scientist fight a lot and then get married. They solve crimes, make babies.
  6. A really well dressed woman is also a doctor and dates some people.
  7. Two girls in New York, like, ride the subway and live their lives.
  8. A woman works for the government in Indiana and makes parks.
  9. A teenage girl kills vampires, falls in love with vampires, dies a couple times, saves the world (well kind of her vampire ex does but...).
  10. Teenage girl falls in love with vampire, then his vampire brother, becomes vampire on "accident". Turns out all her friends are supernatural, except Matt.
  11. Two hot brothers travel the country killing bad shit and then save the world, like a lot (like once a season).
  12. A whiny teenage girl consistently makes bad decisions and facial expressions but hot guys fall in love with her anyways (like once a season).
  13. Five questionably intelligent, but very pretty friends are terrible at communication and let someone stalk and terrorize them once a season instead of, like, blocking that number on their phone.
  14. People in an office sell paper.
  15. It's about a family.
  16. The story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together.
  17. A woman dates the President and ruins everyone's lives while trying to pretend like she fixes things. Also sleeps with the hot guy from Felicity (no, the other one).
  18. A writer and detective have to work together and fight a lot. They get married. They are now a private eye and police sergeant.
  19. The show about the superheroes that aren't cool enough to be in the Marvel movies.
  20. It's about people in the 1970s.
  21. It's about a depressed horse.
  22. A group of friends drink a lot of coffee.
  23. A dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship where they drink a lot of coffee and date some guys.
  24. It's about lesbians.
  25. A really mean Doctor saves someone's life every week.
  26. A hot guy kills a bunch of people but he's also nice sometimes and it's okay? Good for four seasons.
  27. Law students kill a guy, try not to get caught.
  28. A sad guy tries to find a wife, then tells children about it.