Inspired by @amber. I think I'm just someone who likes to push buttons and guys are not having it. Which obviously makes me giggle and push harder.
  1. I think he was intimidated by my emoji skillz.
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  2. I asked him if I could get a more substantial prize for my tennis skillz (he initially offered up trust).
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    It did not proceed.
  3. Just doesn't like ladiez owning exotic animals I guess? 🤔
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  4. He said he tows the line between wanting to be a millionaire or a basket weaver in the Amazon.
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  5. I think it's a fair question considering the next picture in question.
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  6. I mean, really.
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  7. I was genuinely curious. And only slightly judgmental.
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  8. But I guess I never had him at all.
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  9. I don't think he appreciated my style characterization.
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  10. He said he was good at tweeting about tennis so I tried to get him to put his money where his mouth was.
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    Spoiler: he didn't.
  11. He said he just wanted someone who hated the same things he does. Fair question!
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  12. It was going okay.
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  13. But then it all fell apart.
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  14. Whoa. Both intrigued and confused.
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  15. Though neither of them found me funny.
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  16. He said he was a sensitive millionaire.
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  17. Kthnx! ✌🏼️