Inspired to finally post from my 📂 by @simplyshelli 's list and @gremlin 's behest! Guys just aren't that into me 😂😂. Also bumbling in LA is way weirder than anything in NY fa real.
  1. To his line "wit of a model, body like Shakespeare."
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  2. Plays for Alessia Cara and DID play on undateable. Super babe.
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    The fact that he swiped me at all is what I'm letting myself take a win on.
  3. Started to get lazy
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  4. Started to get lazier
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  5. Maybe he's just serious always?🚩
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  6. Tried to downplay the weird since I actually have people who know him. Also @john 's guitarist. Did not want to date me 😂😂
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    Also have a feeling he didn't like my use of adorable but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he is.
  7. I've never met a guy who didn't want to talk about his photography hobby but OKAY.
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  8. Cheesy paragraph about courage and blah blah culminating with "message him already, said the heart." 🙄
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  9. Apparently his real name is ___ and he seemed real annoyed that this fake name was showing up? What's the story?! I want to know!
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  10. Wanted an acro yoga partner. Didn't want someone who asks too many questions 🙋🏻
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  11. He's a Pyrographer at Google. How?! I wanna know!!
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  12. He was tall and a traveler. Doesn't like compliments or jokes.
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  13. NOPE because he doesn't care about my interest in turtles
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  14. Doesn't like Arrested Development. DEALBREAKER LADIES.
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  15. Also doesn't like compliments from hot girls.
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  16. Said he just got out of jail. Think I deserve to know.
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  17. Got lazy again.
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  18. Got lazier again 👻👻👻👻
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  19. Surprisingly got him hooked. Then burned it all to the ground.
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