Inspired to finally post from my 📂 by @simplyshelli 's list and @gremlin 's behest! Guys just aren't that into me 😂😂. Also bumbling in LA is way weirder than anything in NY fa real.
  1. To his line "wit of a model, body like Shakespeare."
  2. Plays for Alessia Cara and DID play on undateable. Super babe.
    The fact that he swiped me at all is what I'm letting myself take a win on.
  3. Started to get lazy
  4. Started to get lazier
  5. Maybe he's just serious always?🚩
  6. Tried to downplay the weird since I actually have people who know him. Also @john 's guitarist. Did not want to date me 😂😂
    Also have a feeling he didn't like my use of adorable but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he is.
  7. I've never met a guy who didn't want to talk about his photography hobby but OKAY.
  8. Cheesy paragraph about courage and blah blah culminating with "message him already, said the heart." 🙄
  9. Apparently his real name is ___ and he seemed real annoyed that this fake name was showing up? What's the story?! I want to know!
  10. Wanted an acro yoga partner. Didn't want someone who asks too many questions 🙋🏻
  11. He's a Pyrographer at Google. How?! I wanna know!!
  12. He was tall and a traveler. Doesn't like compliments or jokes.
  13. NOPE because he doesn't care about my interest in turtles
  14. Doesn't like Arrested Development. DEALBREAKER LADIES.
  15. Also doesn't like compliments from hot girls.
  16. Said he just got out of jail. Think I deserve to know.
  17. Got lazy again.
  18. Got lazier again 👻👻👻👻
  19. Surprisingly got him hooked. Then burned it all to the ground.