Inspired by @gremlin because we are similar but also very different.
  1. A PH.D.
    I'm a SUCKER for it. Talk thesis to me baby. Similar for law degrees.
  2. Black leather Moto jacket.
    But I'm over the guys who wear it every day. If you can dress it up, WOAH.
  3. Tattoos
    Okay okay. I'm not necessarily into sleeves. But like, a solid bicep or shoulder piece. Or a stomach piece on abs? Yes please.
  4. Fun, printed button ups.
    Pineapples, anchors, tastefully tropical. I like a well-dressed man but I also like whimsy.
  5. Impish gleam
    I like 'em smart and sassy.
  6. Someone who can rock some thick rimmed glasses.
  7. Look like Captain America but also love him in story form? Hi! Let's talk Marvel and Star Wars ALL NIGHT.
  8. Do you own a large breed dog? I am in trouble.
  9. Some kind of creative skill or profession. You build furniture? Work on cars? Musician? Metal smith? Yeah, into that.
  10. That smell that's a little musky but a little fresh and soapy? Yeah, that. Mmmmm.
  11. Someone who knows whisky and scotch. They don't have to always drink it but knowledge about it is ideal. Someone who can recommend me new ones plus make me bomb drinks with them? UH OH.
  12. Someone who can physically pick me up but also sometimes wants to talk about feelings.
  13. A soft, well-made tshirt. Oh you bought them individually instead of a 4 pack? V into that.
  14. Some very strategic scruff.
  15. Goofy as fuck. Oh you got jokes and physical comedy? YUP.
  16. Long hair. Ear length to shoulder. Mm yes please. And pretty with some icy bone structure.
  20. Quiet, but with an intensity and some blazing one liners.
  21. Some piercing baby blues.
  22. Blondes. I don't know what this is but lately it's all I want.
    Oh boy.
  23. 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵