Inspired by @carey. Tis the season! I'm usually bad at expressing my emotions and being, like, a positive person. Here goes nothin'!
  1. My family!
    They might annoy the shit out of me and the 4 of us together might be explosive as all get out but we're always there whenever one of us needs us no matter what!
  2. My puppy!
    Who I've been lucky enough to have had in my life for 14 years now. Gdamn he's the cutest!!!!
  3. A roof over my head!
  4. And delicious gluten-free food in my belly!
  5. The ability to afford my necessary gluten-free foods/diet!
  6. Rob Lowe!
  7. My rockstar friends who challenge, support, and inspire me!
  8. The opportunity to study as and try to actually pursue a life as an artist!
  9. Growing up with endless encouragement about my artistic pursuits!
  10. Self-confidence and knowing my limits/deal-breakers!
  11. Smoked Gouda!
    Mostly cheese in general
  12. Books and smart authors whose melodic words give my insides a warm fuzzy feeling !
  13. List app!
    What did we do before this? I don't even want to think about it!
  14. People who treat others with respect and empathy!
  15. That I was able to make the huge move of NYC to LA recently which has improved my quality of life and happiness levels exponentially!
  16. Having the chance and ability to be an actor which fills me with such immeasurable joy every time I get to do it!
  17. Andrew MacMahon and all the songs he writes!
  18. All those who broke my heart and helped me get to this self-assured, awesome place!
  19. Good whiskey!
  20. Avocados!
  21. Coconut oil!
  22. People who think I'm funny and laugh at my jokes!
  23. Chunky knit throw blankets!
  24. Fancy scented candles!
  25. Cholula!
  26. Joss Whedon!
  27. Men who are openly feminists!
  28. All of you who read my lists!!!
  29. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat all the food!!!!!!!