1. I work at a fancy restaurant. Not like, dress code fancy, but the kind of place that celebs take meetings at and VIPs are regulars.
    I overheard one of our regulars casually say the other day, " oh yeah I'm having Paul Ryan over for dinner next week. It'll be fun." 😬
  2. I'm a host/maitre D', so when I seat, I pull out the chair for ladies.
    I'm a raging feminist and all that but hey it's the job. I have my orders.
  3. It's super obvious if someone doesn't know how to have a chair pulled out for them.
    No judgement, but it can make you look like a newb. If you don't want that..
  4. First of all, men, I'm pulling the chair out for the woman. If you beeline for it you look like the biggest of douches.
    The. Biggest.
  5. Ladies, if you decline said chair and opt for another seat, give the chair puller a chance to pull that chair out.
    If you're quick to flit to a different choice you don't really have the right to complain about how 'wow that chair is sooooo heavy!' 🙄
  6. Ready for the logistics?
  7. Stand in front of chair. Yes, I said stand.
    Do not weirdly slide into the seat sideways. Do not sit immediately onto the very far away pulled out chair. I have pulled the chair far enough away for you to fully stand.
  8. Take one second, then start to sit.
    No, the chair is not where you are sitting. It is being slid in as you sit. Yes, it is an exercise of trust in the people who get paid to do this around you.
  9. The chair will be pushed to where your legs are. Please sit at a normal pace instead of panicking and then plopping down.
    You will end up perched and not pushed in and it will be awkward for everyone. And I will probably frown and sigh and walk right into the kitchen.
  10. But men, if I DO pull out the chair for you, don't pull some weird macho bullshit and make it weird. Yeah you probably think I'm a cute 20 yr old girl. Guess what, I don't care about your ego, I want you to sit so I can seat someone else. Be polite and just do it. That's it. Eat your food.
    Love you mean it.
  11. PSA brought to you by someone who wants you to make an aspect of her job less awkward.
  12. (Inspired by true events.)
  13. ❤️💃🏻