I'm 26. I usually get told I look 17-19. This is my story.
  1. I'm starting to think someone has s painting of me stashed somewhere.
  2. Every time I get drinks with my parents I get aggressively carded.
    Hey kid, what are you trying to pull??
  3. Every time I get drinks I get aggressively carded.
    They usually let it slide when I'm on dates because I tend to date guys in their 30s and they're probably creeped out tbh.
  4. When I went to the liquor store with my dad and sister and the cashier wanted to see an ID and my dad was like, really I'm almost 60. And she said "no, for her but FYI you can't touch the liquor in the future!" And my dad goes "she's 25!!!!!!!"
  5. When I was flying home for Christmas two years ago and the flight attendant thought I was an unaccompanied minor.
    "Oh sweetie, let me know if I can do anything! There's a couple of you on this flight." Good grief. This still makes my entire family burst into giggle fits.
  6. When my ex was inexplicably convinced I was 3 years younger than I was.
    Which would have made me a lot younger than his sister which I thought was creepy???
  7. When me and my little sister were traveling around southeast Asia and a Burmese woman thought my little sister was my big sister and that I was 17 and she was 19.
    I was 24 and she was 21. She was pissed.
  8. At my audition this week for a character's age range of 25-35 the producer exclaimed as soon as I entered the room, "Oh wow, you look 16!!!!!!! Well, that's great for YOU."
    I didn't know what to say so I just blurted out,"oh, I get that a lot??" Do I really look 16? How many 16 year old do you know, sir?
  9. Guys, I'm Benjamin Button-ing. 👶🏽
  10. Just 26 going on 15.