Oh the intricate Internet dating yarn I could weave for all of you.
  1. Had traded a few quips with this dude over the last week or so. He could keep up with my humor, positive checkmark.
  2. But then he got boring throwing out 'gooooood's and 'i try's.
  3. So because I'm the TROLLIEST of trolls and like to amuse myself,
  4. Enjoy this masterpiece
    "She had begun to wonder about him. Small quips every few days. Perhaps it was a strategy or maybe, more simply, a tried and true methodology to stave off that existential boredom for a few extra moments. Whatever it was, it was all question marks with no real information, no action, just little electrical breadcrumbs to keep the flow heading downriver, with neither of them knowing where it all headed. Was she doomed to dwell in this digital purgatory, she mused to herself? Is everything a lie?
  5. Static
    But all of this was covering up what was really on her mind. The real question that plagued her and weighed her down on this crisp Saturday afternoon surfaced like a Magic 8 ball prophecy: How many pancakes should I eat today? And how many would be too many?"
  6. 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣