Quick, look at my face! An experiment in dating profile pictures
  1. I had this guy up for a bit as my main picture. (Without the galaxy sides obvssssss)
    Which I'm sure looks familiar.
  2. She wears noticeable makeup and is comfortable with her sexuality and takes selfies. HARD PASS.
    This did not do well. Matches plummeted. I originally took this picture to show my best friend my new lipstick. I think it's cute. Eh. Whatchagonnado.
  3. Then against my better judgement, (and let's be fair, for experiments sake) I used my headshot.
    ROOKIE MOVE I know. But I was currrrious and I like my smile. Did about as well as I though it would in Los Angeles.
  4. Then I went back to old standby
    Cute, sporty, low-maintenance, not a selfie, oh look she likes trees.
  5. Boom 7 matches in 20 minutes
  6. This one also does well despite, like, not being able to see my face. All about the arms 💪🏼💪🏼
  7. All with a profile that includes, "if you consider 'feminist' a dirty word, we probably won't work out."
  8. Boys are weird.