1. I flew back to LA today and spent most of my flight trying to think about privilege.
  2. I've tried putting into words something about my experience
  3. But I can't get it right.
  4. And I don't want to put forth some half baked version of my perspective.
  5. So all I want to say
  6. Is I'm watching tonight's Telenovela
  7. And seeing Eva Longoria absolutely kill in this show
  8. Followed by America Ferrera in Superstore
  9. Is beyond
  10. And having Jane the Virgin exist with Miss Gina Rodriguez killing it as well as their incredibly talented Latino cast
  11. I would look up and add all their names but I am v tired.
  12. Those are my girls
  13. Those are my representations
  14. Those are women who look like me
  15. Who look like members of my family
    My mom my sister my aunts my cousins my grandma my great aunts
  16. And I have been moved to tears tonight
  17. In my stupid exhausted stupor
  18. Because there are shows on television
  19. On network television
  20. That have a cast of people
  21. That look like me
  22. And Telenovela?
  23. It's hilarious
  24. And I am so proud.