I have had a really shitty day you guys. Let's just say I don't have power until tomorrow and I want to drop kick everyone that works for my building.
  1. In a very emotionally and mentally fraught state I have decided I need to celebrate my great qualities and things going for me. I'm amazing, damnit!
  2. I am an international woman, so let's celebrate me.
  3. I am incredibly strong.
    I moved to New York City alone at 17 and kept myself alive there for almost 9 years. I also kept myself alive in South America. Then I moved myself, with help from my former roommate, across the fucking country to start my life over because it was what needed to happen in my life.
  4. I am independent.
    I can ask for help (I'm getting better) but never expect handouts nor do I expect anyone to take care of things for me.
  5. I do things because I want to and value it.
    I moved to Argentina for a semester because I wanted to. One time I flew to London for a week by myself because I found out I had an unexpected break. I traveled Southeast Asia with my sister for a month. Most people said I was crazy on all accounts. They were the most rewarding and best experiences of my life.
  6. I'm a really good writer.
    No I'm not published or have had anything made. I have issues completing [insert hilarious joke I'm too tired to think of]. But the pages I do have are incredibly tight and once I find a way to tie it altogether, I will be unstoppable. I had a very good teacher but my comedic timing is also fire.
  7. I'm also a really good actor.
    I keep getting typed out because they don't know what to do with my 'not white enough', 'not Latina enough' 'pretty but not CW pretty', 'she's not a size 0, is she the chubby best friend?', 'looks 16, is she 16?' self. But I can analyze a character like nobody's business, fucking deliver and cry on command.
  8. I can belt the shit out of a song.
  9. I'm resourceful.
    Both of the jobs I've gotten after moving here have been through connections. It has been lucky and awesome. They're not in my field but they pay well and I'm surprised I wiggled my way into landing them.
  10. I'm responsibly responsive.
    I try really hard not to put anyone down or make them feel bad with my language when talking about what I need or about myself. But sometimes it happens. I want to know what made you feel bad so I can fix it.
  11. I give my body a break.
    I'm a perfectionist and am very hard on myself. I grew up a dancer and an athlete and was a size 2 until my celiacs wreaked havoc on my body. I had a very hard time with this and beat myself up constantly for reaching up to a size 14. It's been a really long process but before I figured out the cause, I learned to forgive myself and that my body doesn't equal self worth. My body isn't perfect but it is healthy and strong and helps me accomplish what I need to every day.
  12. I can put things in context.
    Angelenos have, in my opinion, some skewed priorities which I knew about but is a whole different animal when staring it in the eyes. I know myself well enough to not feel bad for not aligning with their values and priorities. If I don't choose juice cleanses, or hiking every day or prioritizing beauty, that doesn't make me an unhealthy heathen. I know who I am and can take the parts I like about LA without changing myself to fit in. It's not everyone, but it's pervasive enough to be a thing.
  13. I'm attractive.
    Not in a conceited way. More in a, people feel comfortable around me way because I exude an energy people want to be around, way. And I love that.
  14. I'm kind, not nice.
    Sometimes they go hand in hand but not always. Being kind and understanding gets things done while putting yourself first.
  15. I worked really hard for my degree and during my training.
    And to get into said program. The degree is nice but the training was irreplaceably valuable and I'm able to draw on it in some new way every day in and out of my field.
  16. I'm restless.
    I got bored one day so I decided to start learning French and Swedish. I'm reading a huge biography on Queen Victoria because I'm concepting a YA novel that has a concept inspired by her. I started my own business because I didn't see the kind of jewelry I wanted for sale. I didn't see the desk exactly I wanted so I bought an expensive one and customized it myself. I make shit happen.
  17. I'm picky when it comes to dating.
    I'm hard to win over and don't prioritize relationships. Not everyone works this way but it works for me. It's led to me knowing some incredibly accomplished, great men, as well as incredibly accomplished, shitty men. But I know what I like and deserve and don't settle for less, because I don't have to.
  18. I'm hilarious.
    I can riff bits like nobody's business. I have humor drier than your finest wine.
  19. I'm a leader.
    I rose through the ranks of a very large, expensive clothing chain from associate to management track in two years all while continuing to audition and hold down a lit internship at one of the top agencies in New York. 🔥🔥🔥
  20. I prioritized my health.
    When I got really sick last year and doctors couldn't figure out the cause, through an elimination diet and research I figured out my body was rejecting gluten. Instead of fighting this incredibly inconvenient possibility because doctors couldn't medically confirm it, I eliminated it from my diet and am now feeling the effects of healing! If I get contaminated I still get real sick but my immune system is able to fight it so much better now.
  21. This is so fucking self indulgent. Thank you for reading my ridiculous rant.
    This was more an exercise in being kind to myself than anything else and if you made it through, oh boy do I appreciate you.
  22. You won this.
    Enjoy. 😘