1. Starfish
    Facedown, spread eagle. Girl you enjoy that space. Hot tip: make sure your hip flexors are feelin' limber or you're in for a world of hurt later.
  2. Crime scene
    The kind that looks like you fell while running. Leg up at a weird angle. 2nd one maybe creeping up, arms akimbo.
  3. Skeleton
    Tucked, face down, compact like a lil rocket. Headin' head first into some sweet, sweet dreams.
  4. Fetal
    Classic comfort.
  5. Snow angel
    Face up and swimming like an angel in a sea of cozy blankies.
  6. Earthquake
    When the contents of my bed resemble being hit by a natural disaster and my head is wedged within all my pillows.
  7. Cocoon
    Wrapped in blanket like a lil burrito with pillows carefully lining my body position so I don't have to worry about even rolling over.
  8. Sloth
    Hangin' from the tree branch outside my window. Sweet dreamzzzz.