Inspired by @nelle & @smirthnut
  1. When I get home from a long day or double, there is an expertly mixed Old Fashioned waiting for me on the kitchen table and you are either sitting on the couch to talk about our days or asleep and have left a little note next to it.
  2. On Sunday's we sleep in and don't pressure each other to do anything other than read in bed and eat pancakes and drink coffee. Unless we already made plans and then we're both excited to do them and don't bail last minute on each other because we're tired.
  3. We have a Siberian husky that we take for weekend hikes in the mountains.
  4. Whenever we are out to eat with other people and have to split the bill you glance at it, and already know the math so you know what we each owe and I don't have to struggle with the bill adding things.
  5. When I inevitably forget to close my snack bags you take a chip clip, close it and stick it back in the cupboard.
  6. You buy chip clips because you know I never will.
  7. We have projects like making our own bitters and having a tiny balcony garden.
  8. We eventually move into a 2 bedroom house and can have a real garden. But we make a very high fence so the puppy can't get into it and tear things up.
  9. Whenever a buddy is buying a gift for a girl you talk up my jewelry line because you're proud of me and what I make and genuinely think people would love to own it.
  10. We read the same books and sit in bed snuggling while we dig into our current selections. We discuss our thoughts on them over drinks every week.
  11. And even though I'm driving all the time and am tired and just want to watch sitcoms in bed, we hold each other to our reading because we know we'll both enjoy it once we actually snuggle into it.
  12. You understand my deep feelings about La Croix and when I'm tired or in a bad mood you go to Target and get me the Passionfruit flavor because you know it's my favorite and they only have it there.
  13. We take each other on surprise weekend road trips that we plan and pack a day bag for the other so we have no idea what we're doing or where we're going.
  14. We plan international trips together every year and tick countries off of our list. If one of us has already been there, they get to make a list of the things they wanted to do but couldn't and also their favorite places. We make itineraries.
  15. You let me help you pick out clothes but after a while, learn to pick out things that both make you look hot and that I'll approve of.
  16. You don't judge when I buy another pair of shoes. You have learned commenting on it is futile and now complement me on my taste and enjoy when I wear them around you.
  17. Sometimes kiss me on the forehead then lightly and briefly rest your forehead on mine before pulling me in for a hug.
  18. When we're in public, we both know our light pda limits and only go for light pecks or arm squeezing or light back sweeps. Though the occasional arms around waist, face to face, looking at each and flirting a little is acceptable and encouraged.
  19. It's an unspoken rule that I get the most closet space.
  20. You understand that I schedule things around games come football season. I understand when you have similar quirks and try not to make fun of you too much about them.
  21. You're sometimes the little spoon.
  22. Sometimes on our days off we plan elaborate meals and spend most of the day making them together.
  23. We alternate picking which movie to go see at the theater. We go to a bar afterwards and talk about it.
  24. You weigh in on what color to paint my nails when I ask you. You give a real answer and never say that you don't care.
  25. You usually drive because you know driving other people gives me anxiety. But if I decide to drive sometimes, you don't make a big deal about it.
  26. When I have an anxiety attack you don't try to fix me, you just hold me and tell me you love me and put on a sitcom that makes me laugh uncontrollably and kiss me on my temple.